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Friday, October 01, 2004

Well I'll be damned

Seems like someone is picking up the torch for this blog! thanks for bringing in some fresh content Mike, as I had almost forgotten about this little project of mine.

That being said, on to more exciting things.

So my take on the Presidential Debates. I think we can all agree on the following items now:

  1. Bush is a poor public speaker (not that I am a good public speaker by any means, but then again im not the one who has to talk to millions if not billions of people on a periodic basis)
  2. Kerry has a plastic smile.
  3. Bush is not the smartest Ivy-league man I've ever seen...
  4. I like muffins.
That is being about as nice about our current president I can be, dear reader, so I hope you give me props for my restraint.



  • I agree - periodic moments of "duh" didn't do Bush very well. Both candidates did one thing very well: Bush stuck to his guns on Kerry's flip-flopping. Kerry stuck to his guns on Bush's decision to invade Iraq.

    My friend Matt observed that Kerry's ideas of bringing the international community into the picture will not work because they want no part in Iraq. I agree somewhat.

    Two things with regards to Matt's observation.

    1. Kerry's idea may not work now, but we should have been appealing to the international community from the beginning. We actually did - we did go through the UN and seek votes. The UN disagreed with us - (for one) France held out on invading Iraq. Nobody thought it was a good idea. If we had listened to the UN in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess. So, Kerry's idea wouldn't work now, but his point was that we should have listened. We're in a global world now - not just the US. We need to appeal to our international friends and we can't always insist upon being right.

    2. Even though Kerry's ideas may not work now (and perhaps may have kept us out of Iraq), I'm not voting on candidates based upon action - Kerry cannot take action vs. Iraq - President Bush did - there's no equal ground on the issue. What there is equal ground on is ideals. Kerry's ideals bring the international community in - Bush's pushed them away and insisted upon pre-emptive invasion.

    By Blogger Mike, At 10/01/2004 12:11 PM  

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