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Friday, August 20, 2004

i am not a l33t h4x0r anymore...

I spent hours last night trying to put together my new computer (Athlon64, 1 GB ram, GeForce4, etc.)....the damn thing would not boot! fans would spin, drives would spin up, but no post or nothing. I spent another hour slowly disconnecting components to see where the POF (point-of-failure) was....i got down to everything being pulled out, and still nothing! I even reseated the CPU.

So today I am all ready to call and bitch out mwave.com for sending me defective parts....but first (since they don't open till 11AM EST) i went on MSI's site to see if they had any info for me....and low and behold, apparently there are TWO power connections that need to be made on the motherboard- one is the standard 16-pin motherboard power connector, and then the CPU requires a additional 4-pin power connection...

yes, i know....RTFM!



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