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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Age of Empires III: First Impressions

(Based on one game of multiplayer last night)

Solid, fun game for multiplayer. A little confusing with a lot of the upgrades, and the effect of trade on the game (seems to be a race for whomever gets the most trading posts, but maybe that was just the map we played). For some reason, multiplayer would not let me zoom out too far, maybe because of the map size? This was the biggest annoyances as I was constantly scrolling around my town buildings to build/upgrade.

Ships are AWESOME...they look so freakin' good. Also you can hunt whales for gold, which though ethically challenging really helps your economy. I know the whales aren't real, but still...

All in all it looks fun, and will certainly tide me over until Civ4 drops next Tuesday.



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