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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Travel Time

My buddy Joe is in India this week, and I'm headed to gloomy downtown Cleveland for the week. In the spirit of travel, I'm going to be posting our accounts of India and Cleveland, Ohio - the armpit of the Midwest.

Below is Joe's first account...

"So I'm here in India. Made it safe thank god. Quite a few times during the trip, I'm like what the f am I doing here. lol. But alas, I'm here and it's going well. My hotel room is pimp, all marble bathroom, complementary bottle of wine, stocked fridge, etc, blah blah blah. This is becoming too much for me.

So the ride from the hotel to work took like 30mins. We were in sooo many traffic jams. I'll try and capture the moment in a few pictures, but I think a movie will really do justice. It's always something else to get around here. I'm soooooooo glad I'm not driving. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. From my hotel room I can still hear a constant sounding of horns. It's like in the country you can hear crickets and such, here it's car horns, omg!!

I've been up for countless hours with only a few hours nap on each flight. It's 1pm here now, and I'm getting ready to have lunch again. I don't know if I had breakfast twice already, or if I had lunch as my last meal. Start the curry, I've had a variety of western dishes up until now. Be prepared to be engulfed in the stench of spice. yay. can't wait. ( no enthusiasm there).

So I'm just going on and on because I'm barely awake and wasting time before lunch. I'll try and send out pics sometime. What's everyone doing back in the states? Keep me apprised. I want to have a link back there still :)

Peace out

P.S. That's some random sh*t, hope you guys can decifer. I'm too tired to edit what I typed." (Joe's latest email on Oct. 18/19th, 2004)

One final thought (courtesy of Dan): "You kicked my dog! I kill you."


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