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Friday, October 29, 2004

Back in the Blog

I've taken a break for a while...to catch up with work. News as of late - I'm back from downtown Cleveland, the BoSox won, Joe has returned from India, and it's FRIDAY! So, to repeat what I just said...
  • Cleveland sucked...bigtime.
  • The Red Sox rock...bigtime.
  • India is still stealing our jobs...bigtime.
Joe's got some India pictures floating around - I'll post in another couple days.

Other good news on the block - I'm getting a new laptop at work! I pretty much use my work PC for everything, so it's more of a home/work laptop. Also, I do a ton of work-related things at work, so you know, might as well get a nice fat laptop.

Here's the info for those interested:

*** Sorry Mike, but your table broke the blog in firefox! ***


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